Rodeo Bull

Rodeo Bull and Bucking Bronco Hire

Hire a Rodeo Bull, known by some as a Bucking Bronco , and provide as much amusement for the spectators as it will for the rider as he or she tries to stay on the bucking, spinning bull as long as they can. The Rodeo Bull Provides ideal entertainment for parties, receptions, promotions, fun days or any other event.

Our Rodeo Bull is always supplied with an experienced ride operator who will run the ride safely on your behalf for the duration of the hire. The speed of the Bucking Bronco is controlled at the discretion of the ride operator so it is suitable for both kids and adults.

Party Time

Because we operate the most modern design machine we don't have a minimum rider age like older machines but instead have a minimum rider height of 1.2m -Irrespective of age or size riders must be able to climb on to the Rodeo Bull without assistance.


The Rodeo Bull can be hired for use indoors or outdoors .

The Rodeo Bull is fully computerised and features a large digital timer display so the length of each ride is automatically there for all to see. The Bull can be either manually controlled with an eight way joy stick control or can be switched to an automatic 'Competition Mode' where each rider will receive an identical ride so you can hold your own Rodeo competition.

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